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$60K Roulette Bet Not The Responsible Gaming Story You May Think It Is

roulette ball on 22 black Casino owner Rob Yong played the role of croupier and spun the wheel. With Cody looking skyward for some kind of divine intervention, his prayers were answered. The ball landed on black 22. Cody doubled his £42,670 bet, walking away with £85,340. The crowd erupted and Cody seemed genuinely overjoyed. Videos of the scene quickly went viral. The story spread everywhere from the Irish Examiner to USA Today and readers of both must have been thinking they’d just been introduced to a completely irresponsible young man who’s never worked a day in his life. One who hasn’t yet learned the value of the dollar. Or at the very least, a degenerate gambler who will eventually end up broke when his luck runs out. However, the poker players among those readers know better. To them, Cody’s willingness to gamble and his disregard for the amount of money involved proves only that he’s one of them, a poker player, and a great one at that.

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